Project Locations and Features

The Turners Falls Hydroelectric Project and Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Project are located on the Connecticut River in the states of Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH) and Vermont (VT). 

The greater portion of the Turner Falls Project and Northfield Mountain Project, including developed facilities and most of the lands in the Project Boundary are located in Franklin County, MA; specifically, in the towns of Erving, Gill, Greenfield, Montague and Northfield.  The impoundment created by the Turners Falls Dam extends northerly into the town of Hinsdale, in Cheshire County, NH, and the town of Vernon, in Windham County, VT. 

The Turners Falls Dam is located at approximately river mile 122 (above Long Island Sound) on the Connecticut River in the towns of Gill and Montague, MA.  The dam creates an impoundment extending upstream approximately 20 miles to the base of TransCanada's Vernon Hydroelectric Project Dam in VT/NH.  At the Turners Falls Dam is a gatehouse controlling flow into a Power Canal.  Associated with this canal are the development's two hydroelectric generating facilities: Station No. 1 and Cabot Station.  Station No. 1 is located approximately one-third of the way down the power canal, while the Cabot Station is located at the downstream terminus of the power canal.  Station No. 1 and Cabot Station discharge into the Connecticut River approximately 0.9 miles downstream of the Turners Falls Dam. 

The Northfield Mountain Project is a pumped-storage facility that utilizes the Turners Falls Impoundment as its lower reservoir.  The tailrace of the Northfield Mountain Project is located approximately 5.2 miles upstream of Turners Falls Dam, on the east side of the impoundment.  The Northfield Mountain Project includes a man-made upper reservoir situated atop Northfield Mountain, to the east of the tailrace.  Water is typically pumped from the Turner Falls Impoundment to the upper reservoir at night, while generation occurs during the day. When generating, water is passed via an underground pressure shaft to an underground powerhouse.  An underground tailrace tunnel then delivers water to the Turners Falls Impoundment.



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